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i bring the sun whenever i go, buddy.™›

i'm teresa. twenty-three. english-education major at ucf. in love with and engaged to an adorable boy named benjamin. i live in winter park, fl. also a student at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

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Some Random Drabbles

I’m just going to use this page as a drop for links of some writing I may do. 


KLAINE - Valentine’s Day drabble

Sebofsky - you are part of everything.


Jogan drabble/prediction

Jogan Truth or Dare Prompt

Ranebow Drabble


Pre-Graduation, Worried Kapashima

Leric Drabble

Kapashima - Jessie’s Girl prompt

Kapashima - Disease prompt


these are installments from a huge harry potter fanfic i’ve been writing with a few of my friends for years. i’m just putting these here to keep track of them. feel free to read and comment. :]

Summer before their seventh year…

After all this time.