i cannot make speeches.
"if i loved you less, i might be able to talk about it more."

i'm teresa. twenty-three. english-education major at ucf. in love with and engaged to an adorable boy named benjamin. i live in winter park, fl. also a student at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Anonymous asked: "28,29"

28: A description of the person I dislike the most:
i can’t really think of a single person, but i usually dislike people that are exceptionally rude and mean, especially to my friends.

29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend:
Probably not to hurt their feelings.

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Anonymous asked: "I just wanna now HOW or WHERE you got the wings/wands for your cosmo/wanda costumes! i need a set of my own in less than a week!"

I got the poles from Joann’s, along with a box star. I glued the star together, stuck the poles into the star boxes and painted them. 

they actually have ready-made wands at joann’s.

the wings i got from target during halloween time… 

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13. A picture of something you miss.

i’m taking this as someone.


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xawesomeangelx asked: "where did you buy the honey plushie?????????? it's adorable!!!"

F.Y.E. at the mall. 

and thank you. 

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Anonymous asked: "#1 and #9"

1. the meaning behind my URL.

- in high school one of my best friends used to call me strawberry or say that i was like a strawberry (possibly because i’m small and in his opinion, sweet). i’m also short and i like cake. and i like strawberry shortcake. it’s mainly a reference (i guess) to strawberry shortcake, the toy/show.

9. tattoos i want.

- (i’ll put an image, if possible, after each explanation.)
i want to get the three stars that are on the top corners of the harry potter books on my right shoulder blade. i’ll actually probably be getting this in october for my birthday.

i also want a plain crescent moon on my right ankle.

i’ve been thinking of getting the quote, “i bring the sun wherever i go, buddy.” from franny and zooey, but i’m not sure where i’d get it, if i were to.

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Anonymous asked: "You two just need to get married already so we can be spoiled with adorable photos and videos from the wedding and shdjkfhslkjhfklsjdkf just give them to me NOW."

hahahaha. believe me, i’m impatient too.

(the demandingness of this post makes me think this is rebecca.)

this is one of the cutest message i’ve ever received, by the way. thank you.

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Anonymous asked: "where did you get your ouran scroll?"

mega con ‘11. in orlando. you can probably find one at any convention that has anime/a dealer’s room. or online. i think they actually sell this one online on funimation.com.

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Anonymous asked: "Your segment in your "about me" about Ben is adorable. It is also adorable that you call him Benjamin :3"

why thank you.

i do honestly call him benjamin sometimes in person too. he said he likes it, because the only other person that calls him that is his mother - and that’s only when he’s in trouble.

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Anonymous asked: "Why do you want to get married at an aquarium?"

we were looking at places. we realized we need to get married in florida because most of our families are here and our friends (and future wedding party) are here. but we didn’t want a beach wedding, or a wedding outside at all, but we didn’t want one at a boring ol’ hotel either. so we were looking at places and found the aquarium and looked at some pictures from the weddings there and they’re all very nice and pretty, and reasonably priced. so yup…

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Anonymous asked: "Getting married at an aquarium would be fucking epic."

thank you.


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